Special Alert!   RE: BS&A Software .NET Backups 

Check your Backups! Your current backup software may not be doing the job.  BS&A Software's new .Net server utilizes Microsoft SQL Server.   While this change brings many improvements over the older versions of the software; one thing that has changed is you will need an "SQL Plugin" to properly backup your data.   Backup Software that was perfectly capable of backing up "Pervasive Data"  may not be able to do the job.   I.T. Right recommends that all of its customers review their backups to verify the BS&A .Net data is being properly backed up. 

Backing up data is the most critical and often overlooked portion of your network or pc maintenance.   If you are not certain about the quality of your backup, or tired of following up on it yourself, let us backup your data for you.   All you need is broadband.   Click here for details

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