Founded in 1998, by 2006 IT Right had grown to over 50 governmental customers, and three employees.
Focusing almost exclusively on local government in 2007 IT Right saw its best growth in years.
In 2008 IT Right celebrated its 10th year in business; and by this time had become known widely as the go to firm for Pervasive and BS&A support.
By 2009 IT Right was supporting over 125 branches of local government.
In 2010 IT Right grew by over 20% for the fourth consecutive year.
By 2011 IT Right had grown to over 250 customers, and had begun to make a name for itself as specialists with local law enforcement.
All of IT Right's technicians are finger printed, background checked, and approved to work with LEIN and MICJN.
Continued growth within the local government market has lead to recommendations and work with Water Authorities, Road Commissions, Building Authorities, and Libraries.
IT Right's 20 employees currently service over 435 branches of local government. In the spring of 2014 IT Right opened its northern dispatch (Traverse City) to help speed response times to it's northern clients. Toll free support is available at 1-855-ITRIGHT, or by email