About Us

I.T. Right is Michigan’s leading network consultant for local government. Our main offices are in Bath, but we staff a combination of field and help desk technicians to support clients all over the state. Our field techs cover over 550 county and municipal level offices, from Bedford Township to Bois Blanc and Port Huron to Pere Marquette. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, and are the only firm in the State of Michigan authorized to do work on behalf of BS&A software. We are also uniquely suited to work with police departments, as all our technicians have been fingerprinted, background checked, and certified to work on LEIN and MiCJIN.


I.T. Right was founded in 1998 as an independent division of a Lansing based technology school. A combination of factors, including a growing relationship with BS&A software, eventually led I.T. Right to shift away from education and instead focus on consulting. I.T. Right formally separated from its parent technology school in 2000. I.T. Right has since grown across the state, and widened its focus to include the full range of services we now provide. We are immensely proud of our service to local government, and hope that we can continue to provide excellent I.T. support for years to come. For more information see the tabs below or visit our contact us page. 


Awards and Certifications

I.T. Right staffers have earned a variety of certifications over the years, and I.T. Right itself has several as well. Here’s a short list.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Authorized BS&A Software consultant
  •  Law Enforcement Information Network and Michigan Criminal Justice Network certified
  • We cumulatively hold four MCSEs, three MCPs, two dSSEs, one CCNA, and one CGCIO

Company Profile

  • Vision and Mission
  • Our Philosophy
  • Services we offer

Providing Secure I.T. Solutions that Work for Local Government.

While we have always catered to local government, since 2007 we have focused on them almost exclusively. County and municipal offices now account for over 95% of our client base. We have been lucky enough to receive many warm reviews from our clients in the past, and we hope to continue improving our IT service at the local government level.

Our mission, as the leading IT provider for local government in Michigan, is to heighten the standards of network security and efficiency around the state. We want to ensure that all county and municipal offices are given the best care and support possible, either by providing it ourselves or by helping their IT providers as needed. Particularly in a time where security threats are rampant, we are happy to work alongside any contractor or vendor who needs help with large scale projects and fine tuning alike.

IT done Right the first-time benefits everyone.

At I.T. Right we pride ourselves on timely attention and our commitment to resolving the computer needs of our clients. We know it’s in everyone’s best interest that issues are fixed in as short a time as possible, and that means getting it right the first time. So that you know we will always strive to uphold this philosophy, we enforce them with these policies:

  • We will never charge you for drive time or mileage
  • We will always keep you up-to-date on our progress and plans
  • We will never abandon a project before it is finished
Please contact us for more information about any of these services

We offer a variety of services to municipalities of all sizes; these are some of the most common.

  • Email hosting
  • Gov-Information services for the secure delivery of sensitive documents
  • Managed, off-site back-up services
  • Anti-virus and software update services
  • AssessApp to help assessors organize property data