Government Information Services

Bulk Email Services

Gov-information is a service intended to facilitate delivery of governmental documents via email. Many BS&A Software applications have the ability to delivey reports/paystubs/bills electronically, but not all municipalities have the infrastructure to complete that task.

Some reasons to consider using this service in conjunction with your BS&A applications include:

1)Lack of an internal SMTP Server or other infrastructure
2)Concerns about the security risk/Local network policy against sending bulk mail
3)Internet Service provider does not allow for bulk or authenticated relay.
4)Internet Service provider blocks port 25.
5)Risk of listing the entire municipality on spam/blacklists.
6)Awesome Email and phone based support

About the Service.

I.T. Right, owns and manages the email servers and infrastructure required to send the messages.   After Signing up for the service, an account will be created with a username of   It is then possible to configure the BS&A software to authenticate directly with the IT Right servers and send the mail. 

* Each municipality has a unique account with a username and password

* Usernames and password transmission is encrypted
* Email responses are spam-filtered and forwarded to a designated address at the city/township.
* Email responses can be rejected or deleted automatically
* Cost for the Basic Service is $300/yr
* Archiving, up to 2 years email Sent/received email storage ($250/yr)
* Vanity email/use of an individualized domain name (call)