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Recent Alerts: Phishing Increase

IT Right has noticed an increase in phishing attacks, predominately in the form of fake invoice emails.     We are altering our email filtration systems in an attempt to block these messages before they are delivered. However, because no filtration is perfect, awareness and vigilance are required.   IT Right highly recommends that you:

  • NEVER open any e-mail attachments that end with .exe, .scr, .bat, .com, or other executable files you do not recognize.
  • NEVER click embedded links in messages without first hovering your mouse over them first to check the URL.
  • NEVER 'unsubscribe' from e-mails you don't recognize, it is far easier to delete it than deal with the security risks.
  • NEVER respond or reply to spam in any way. Just use the delete button.
  • ALWAYS check the e-mail 'from' field to validate the sender. This 'from' address can be spoofed.
  • ALWAYS report suspicious e-mails to your Information Technology help desk, but without forwarding the e-mails.
  • ALWAYS check for so-called 'double-extended' scam attachments. A text file named 'safe.txt' is safe, but a file called 'safe.txt.exe' is not.
  • ALWAYS note that and are two different URLs, so always ensure the URL you click on is correct.

In addition, IT Right is now offering online security training and testing services through KnowBe4.   If you are interested in preparing your users against phishing attacks please visit our KnowBe4 page or email

Security Alert Archive

I.T. Right sends out security alerts whenever we perceive a possible threat to the security of our clients. The list below is an archive of past security alerts.

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