Why spend 80% of your time updating 20% of your parcels? 
AssessApp is the easy to use smartphone app that saves time and money, and improves compliance. 
It’s designed to work with BS&A so parcel information and relevant detail are imported directly into the app. 

You’re in Control 

Parcels are prioritized, and assignments are sent directly to the worker’s smartphone. 
When each task is completed, the eld appraiser uploads the data and moves quickly to the next assignment. 
AssessApp’s web based management console provides oversight of eld data before it goes into BS&A. 
Uploaded parcels are pending in your queue to be approved, or to be rejected and re-assigned. 
Approved data collection is exported from the management console and bulk imported into BS&A. 
Rejected work is marked for further follow-up and re-assigned. 

AssessApp—Property Assessments Made Simple 

AssessApp is designed and supported by I.T. Right. 
It’s simple and easy-to-use. 
It supplements BS&A software, and it helps you spend less time working on compliance. 
This affordable service is IOS and Android compatible. 
It’s available at the App Store, Google Play, and our website 


AssessApp Helps You Get Organized 

It allows you to re-structure your old appraisal work flow and gives you the tools to: 
Prioritize which parcels need to be inspected 
Identify when they need to be inspected 
Assign parcels to field appraisers 

It’s Easy to Use and Improves Accuracy 

The self-guided app walks appraisers and eld assessors through the entire process. 
It informs them what data to collect for each parcel, and what kind of pictures to take. 
Custom forms assure consistency in data collection and enforce required fields. 
Photos are taken within the app, and date/time/GPS stamped with the parcel and building ID. 

Benefits of AssessApp 

Time Savings: Save time driving. Save time organizing and transferring files. Save time entering data. 
Accuracy: AssessApp’s tight data collection eliminates confusion and mistakes. The review process adds confidence. 
Organization: Clear assignment and process tracking keeps the team on task. 
Efficiency: AssessApp removes duplication of effort on multiple levels. 
Compliance: Proves parcels have been inspected with a solid audit trail of who/what/when, including date/time and GPS stamps.

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